Clothing in the e-shop uses the international size system (XXS/XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL). When placing an order, please select your usual size.

Additionally, please note that we can knit any size without limitations. The process remains the same: order your usual size and, during the checkout process, provide additional information in the dedicated textbox to help us create the perfect garment !

For more information about or if you want to ask another feel free to reach out to us here or on instagram.

...Sizing chart coming soon...


All items are made from pretty delicate fabric and materials therefore to ensure the best care for our products, we highly recommend hand-washing them with tempered water and a mild detergent.

For our larger knitted pieces, it's important to gently lay them flat on a towel while drying to preserve the integrity of the knit and prevent any stretching or distortion. This method will help maintain the quality and longevity of your cherished knitted items.

The technique employed to knit most of the garments is plain jacquard, which involves having threads on the inside. Therefore, we kindly advise you to refrain from wearing jewelry and handle it delicately while putting it on.