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Colada Cardigan

Colada Cardigan

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The Colada Cardigan is knitted and made to order by us! We have reimagined our iconic diamond motif, utilizing a distinct knitting technique that creates a transparent, lace-like effect. The Colada is also available in a white color.

Each piece is handcrafted by Alicia and Baptiste in their workshop using household knitting machines, so please allow for a minimum lead time of 1 week, up to 3 weeks depending on the designs and the number of orders we have in progress.

If you're unsure between two sizes, you can provide us with your size information like your waist line, chest line, hips line, during the checkout process, which will help us create the perfect fit for you. You can also let us know if you would like to add length or if you have a specific length requirement for the garment, within reasonable limits. 

-Made from vibrant pink cotton thread

-Cotton lace stitch

-Elastic waist and wrist

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